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Crypto Symbiosis.

Gaia Labs bridges web3 from the familiar to the revolutionary.

Crypto Symbiosis

Traditional Regulatory Environment

We are building the open ecosystems of DeFi innovation while keeping a firm foundation in the known and trusted ecosystem of regulated financial institutions.

Exponentially Sprawling Crypto Jungle

We are helping to grow the jungle of crypto. We’re crypto-heads: we’ve hodled, yield farmed, and degen apeing- and we’re still solvent.

Gaia's RegTech Crypto Symbiosis

The Gaia Labs incubator is a bridge poised between the poles of the traditionally familiar, and the revolutionary vanguard.

Learn how we help entrepreneurs

We are a “revolutionary only” incubator. As seasoned blockchain entrepreneurs, we focus on creating some of the most game-changing improvements for the blockchain industry.

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Nathan Windsor hosting a blockchain event at Pencilworks Brooklyn in 2018.
Nathan Windsor hosting a meetup in Brooklyn, August, 2018.
LiquidEarth meet up in Miami
CertifiedNFT meetup November 21, 2021 in Miami (now LiquidEarth).

An Incubator built by Industry Veterans

We’ve seen the ICO craze, we’ve aped into the yield farming products, and we also know that regulation is coming. Rather than stifle innovation, we are here to help the crypto industry integrate into the guidelines given by the banking industry.

Since 2016 we have believed that web3 will revolutionize the very fabric of our lives. In 10 years everyone will be connected to a fabric of multichain evnvironments, and we will help create those protocols.

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