Crypto Symbiosis

Gaia Labs bridges web3 from the familiar to the revolutionary.

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Built By Gaia Labs

Gaia Labs specializes in catalyzing next-gen startups, with a portfolio that includes cutting-edge web3 applications, blockchain platforms, and smart contract solutions, all underscored by a commitment to social impact and technological innovation.


The only compliant real world asset NFT marketplace for minting and lending.

Landslide Network

The IBC bridge to AVAX, enabling interoperability between AVAX, Cosmos, and other IBC-enabled chains.


The World's First Marketplace To Buy And Sell AI Art As NFTs: Digital Media, IP, and Licensing.

Built in Consultation

A list of the companies built in consultation with Gaia Labs.

Hover Trust

Access Crypto Assets Worldwide With HoverTrusts


Gaia Labs serves as a groundbreaking web3 incubator, offering end-to-end solutions from full-stack software development to smart contract creation, all while fostering innovation across multiple disciplines and driving socially responsible tech advancements.


• Tokenomics
• Tokenization
• Capital Support
• Business Development
• Growth and Marketing
• Regulatory Compliance

Full Stack Development

• Requirement Analysis
• Architecture Design
• Frontend Development
• Backend Development
• Database Management
• Testing, Deployment, Maintenance

Blockchain Infrastructure

• Use-Case Identification
• Technical Specification
• Development, Testing, Deployment
• Monitoring and Upgrades
• Interoperability
• Governance & Compliance

Digital Asset Management

• Pioneering Web3 Incubation
• Multi-Disciplinary Expertise
• Strategic Partnerships
• Social Impact Focus
• Agile Methodology
• Cutting-Edge Technologies

Crypto Symbiosis

Traditional Regulatory Environment

We are building the open ecosystems of DeFi innovation while keeping a firm foundation in the known and trusted ecosystem of regulated financial institutions.

Sprawling Crypto Jungle

We are helping to grow the jungle of crypto. We’re crypto-heads: we’ve hodled, yield farmed, and degen apeing and we’re still solvent.

RegTech Crypto Symbiosis

The Gaia Labs incubator is a bridge poised between the poles of the traditionally familiar, and the revolutionary vanguard.


Seasoned blockchain entrepreneurs

Our team

Since 2016 we have believed that web3 will revolutionize the very fabric of our lives.

Randall Johnson
Counsel, Co-founder

A bona fide titan in the fusion of finance, law, and tech. With a career spanning three decades in securities and finance law, Randall can navigate the world of finance with his eyes closed. Randy also boasts deep expertise in crypto and blockchain regulations, so he's as fluent in smart contracts as he is in legalese. Co-founding several tech and blockchain companies (Hover included) wasn't enough for him, so he went ahead and launched a regtech incubator too.

Hamilton Souther
Head of Innovation, Co-founder

A true maestro in business, social impact, and tech innovation. With a proven track record of founding and running multiple businesses, Hamilton is a force to be reckoned with. He's also a sacred plant and psychedelic influencer, making him a modern-day shaman. Not just a talker, Hamilton is a doer who's established his own blockchain platform and leads a U.S. 501c3 charity. When it comes to blending entrepreneurship, social advocacy, and cutting-edge tech, Hamilton is your go-to visionary.

Consider It Done Tech
Development Partner

A powerhouse in agile software development, CIDT is the secret sauce behind complex tech solutions. With a specialized team of 15+ tech pros, they're wizards in blockchain and neural networks. Whether you need Application Services, API back-end, or web and mobile front-ends, they've got you covered. Their proficiency extends to UI/UX design, QA, DevOps, and System Integrations. Guided by Agile methodology, CIDT leaders excel in project management and have a storied collaboration with Gaia's team.

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